Wii Game Backup To Save Your Investment

"Wii Game Backup"You have spent a small … or large … fortune on your Wii games.  You do not want to risk losing them.

Fortunately you can back those games up and rest in peace.

There are different ways to do this backup.

However … you must be very careful when looking for a backup method. There are not many legitimate ones out there and you must always be aware that you do not want to do anything that will void the warranty on your Wii.

Your Wii warranty is voided with any modifications done to it.  That includes just opening your Wii one time.

If you are asked to do any modifications …. even to just open your Wii … in any Wii game backup methods … run away from that method fast.

Once your Wii is opened … not only is your warranty is voided … you will also no longer be able to process any Nintendo updates.

There are  sources out there that claim to be software but turn out to be “guides”.

Again.. be careful. Most of these guides …. which charge you about $30 … will take you to free software that will ask you to do just what you don’t want to do.. modify your Wii.

There are also programs out there there that work partially but not even well enough to play back the backups they do for you.

There are only three or four real Wii game backup software programs out there and of these there is only one software that I found to be completely whole  .. one that works safely and runs clean and complete backups of all games.

That one is the Easy Backup Wizard.

It not only works with Nintendo Wii .. it works with the Xbox, the  Xbox 360, Gamecube, PS3, Gamecube, Dreamcast, your videos, video files  and movies.

With the Easy Backup Wizard you do not have to worry about voiding your Wii warranty, you do not have to take a mini-college course in technology to be able to operate it and you know you will have solid dependable backups of that small… or large .. investment you have made.

Also…it is for a limited time being offered at 50% off … selling right now for $29.

Read my complete review on this software here.

Read about the different backup methods here

User testimonial…

Finally, I was able to backup my Xbox 360 games with almost zero effort, I have tried other solutions for copying games, but this one is the simplest and fastest by far.
Jerome Patrick – Jacksonville, AR


"Wii Game Backup


Easy Backup Wizard Review

If you didn’t know it before … you do now.   There are several options to backing up your Wii games. Which is the right one for you?  That of course is for you to decide.

I am here only to give you some important information so you are able to  make an educated decision.

After extensively researching all of the options … which included feedback from users … the only conclusion that could be made was that the Easy Backup Wizard beat all of the other options by miles.

At first glance at this software .. I felt it was too cheap for all that it offered … but I quickly found out this simply is not true.  The 50% off price is a true bargain.  It would still be a great bargain at the full price.

There are many reasons for this … which follow:

  • Its ease of use.
  • It’s completeness in copying anything and everything … from Wii games to home spun videos .. meaning that everything is always backed up in totality with all games playable and all videos seeable.
  • It’s ability to cover all menus ….  not only Wii but Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, Gamecube, your PC, Dreamcast, your videos, your movies … even the ability to create videos from video files… uploading them right from the computer.
  • The purchase of one software covers all.
  • You do not have to take a crash college course in technology to be able to use the Easy Backup Wizard.
  • The greatest of all is the peace of mind this software leaves behind … not only that all of the games are well and fully protected … but that it is done without any worry of damaging the warranty on the Wii.

There is one thing to watch for with this software. You must have the right DVD drive.

There are some who have said they have not had luck with this software … but it is not the fault of the software.  It is because they did not have the correct DVD drive.

If you do not have the right DVD drive … the Easy Backup Wizard will tell you where you can get the correct drive for about ten dollars.

If you have a Mac … the Easy Backup Wizard comes with a Mac emulator that you can download with the Easy Backup Wizard to make your copies.

All in all …. this is by far the best software I have found out there to produce that effect … that peace of mind.

Get yourself some peace of mind… and sleep well tonight.   :)


You can download the Easy Backup Wizard here.


User testimonial…

The games that I bought my kids always got damaged and scratched, which made them useless, I am now able to simply backup all the games, and not worry about my kids damaging the expensive original CDs.

Sharonda Stack – Gastonia, NC


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"wii game backup"


Wii Game Backup Methods

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Any company making accessories for its products wants you to use their brand accessories.


That is why Nintendo wants you to use only original games from them … not copies …  and that is only fair.

However … things happen and games get scratched or marred in other ways making them unplayable… or they get just plain lost.

Should you have to go out and buy another new game?

It seems only just as fair for you to be able to make backup copies of those games you spent so much of your money on.

You can do that though it may cost you some money.

However … the money spent does not have to be a lot and once you have what you need you will be able to continue to make copies of all of your Wii games … new and old.

There are a couple of methods used to make Wii game backups.

Wii modchipping is the term used for one method.

Here you need to buy a modchip which enables you to authenticate a blank DVD … telling the burning software you use that it is a real Wii disk … therefore  allowing it to be used as a backup disk.

However there is a huge “WARNING” when using this method.   Using it requires you to open your Wii to install the chip.  Once the Wii is opened .. the warranty for it has been voided. Therefore .. should anything happen to your Wii… you will not be able to get it replaced or repaired under warranty.

The second big problem with mod chips are they are not made to a standard quality.

You may get a defective one that lasts for just a short time and will need to be replaced in a much sooner time than you would anticipate.

Also … even if you get a good chip and have it installed correctly .. you will not be able to install any Wii updates as they come along.

The whole business of modchipping just is not a reliable road to go down to backup your Wii games.  It is dangerous to your Wii.

Soft modchipping is the other method of backing up Wii games.

This is a much safer and much more reliable method to use.

Soft modchipping requires software that copies the games.

There is no chip to buy or to install therefore you do not have to worry about opening your Wii and losing your warranty… no need to worry about whether or not the chip you have is a good one or not.  In other words… no risks involved..just safe backups.

The only downside is you will not be able to use free burning software to copy your games.

You will need to buy the software which has the ability to bypass the authentication coding in your Wii games during the copying process.

You may have already come across some of these pieces of software if you have been researching Wii game backup methods for a while.  There are only a few out there.

The one I have come to like the best is the Easy Backup Wizard. It is by far the best gaming backup software out there.

You may want to read the review I wrote on it if you need some more help in making a decision in what you should use to make your Wii game backups.

You can read that here.


User testimonial…

Easy Backup Wizard is straight forward and easy to use. I made backups of all my favorite video DVDs and also created a few myself, from videos i have previously taken with a digital camera. Kate
Simkins – Chicago, IL


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